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The Texas New Mexico Power Company started supplying electricity in the 1930s. Their Texas service area includes a large section near Dallas as well as a pocket of service near Houston and another small service pocket southeast of El Paso. In other words, they’re providing electricity all throughout the state. Despite their long history, they may not be the current best choice as your electricity provider. That’s because you may be able to get a lower rate on your electricity if you switch from the Texas New Mexico Power Company and start to work with a smaller independent electric supplier instead.

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*Estimated Savings is calculated based on the utility price to compare and the rates offered by our suppliers. Refer to your bill and the suppliers website to calcuate your exact savings.

As a result of the 2002 Texas Senate Bill 7, electricity has been deregulated throughout the state. This has increased competition in the electric industry, giving you the opportunity to choose a lower cost provider to meet your electricity needs. Customers of Texas New Mexico Power Company can select to choose an independent TX electricity provider such as Champion Energy Services or Bounce Energy. Doing so can keep your electricity bills down.

You may be thinking that switching away from the Texas New Mexico Power Company will be too much of a hassle. Don’t worry; you’re wrong. In fact, the Texas New Mexico Power Company has done a great job of working with independent service providers since the 2002 changes. They deliver electricity to the consumers in certain areas of Texas but it is the retail electricity provider that you choose that takes that electricity and delivers it to you at a lower cost than before.

You can make the switch to a low cost electricity provider quickly here on LowerElectricBillToday. There will be no interruption to your electric service. The only difference will be that those bills are going to be lower!