How Much is The Average Texas Electric Bill?

How Much is The Average Texas Electric Bill?

Does it seem like your energy bills keep climbing higher and higher? Many people notice this happening and they wonder if it’s because of something that they are doing. Although there are always things that you can do to lower your electricity usage, the climbing costs of energy aren’t always your fault. Sometimes they have to do with costs being raised by the electricity suppliers in your area.

One way that you can uncover the cause of your high electricity bills is to compare the cost of your bill with the cost of the average Texas electricity bill. This gives you a good sense of how your energy use compares to others in the same area.

So what exactly is the average Texas electricity bill cost? According to a January 2010 report by the Texas Public Utilities Commission, the average monthly electric bill for Texas residents using 1000 kWh of energy was approximately $93. This is approximately a $10 decrease since the previous year, which indicates two possible things. First, energy users are finding ways to decrease their energy costs. Or second deregulation of energy in the state has sufficiently increased competition in the industry and helped to lower energy rates throughout the state.

If your Texas electric bill is higher than average, there are two things that you should do. First, you should look at ways to reduce energy use in the home in order to save money. Second, and perhaps more importantly, you should review your options for switching to a Texas energy supplier that offers a better per kWh rate for energy. This would allow you to lower your energy bills even if your energy use were to remain exactly the same.

To determine whether or not switching providers would lower your electricity bill, you simply need to take a look at your current energy bill. Look at the rate that you are paying per kWh for energy. Then see if any of the other independent TX energy suppliers out there offer a lower fixed rate per kWh. This is much simpler than trying to guess what your total monthly bill will be and will result in energy bill savings.