Average PA PECO Electric Bill

Pennsylvania customers who rely on PECO for their electricity service are paying more on average for their energy than other customers in the state. With the option to choose a lower cost electricity provider, it just doesn’t make sense to pay exorbitant monthly energy bills each month in this area.

Average Pennsylvania Electric Bills

A report by the United States Energy Information Administration back in December 2009 showed that the average resident in Pennsylvania was spending approximately one hundred dollars per month on electricity. The average customer was using approximately 875 kWh of energy per month and paying a retail price of approximately eleven cents per kilowatt-hour for that energy.

Average PECO Bill Just Increased

As of January 2011, the average PECO electric bill just increased. The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission approved a rate hike that increases energy bills by about five percent. The result is that customers will be paying approximately $5 more per month for the average electric bill. This drives the average PECO electric bill up to $105 per month, costing the customer $60 per more annually for their electricity. Many customers are using more than the 875 kWh of energy per month so their bills are even higher than this average amount.

Average Cost for More Affordable PA Electricity

Customers who opt to switch to a more affordable energy supplier in the state can lower their PECO electric bills dramatically from these average costs. There are some suppliers in the state that are offering electricity at rates as low as $0.0899 per kilowatt-hour. If the average customer were to use 875 kWh of electricity (the amount used for the average PECO bill calculation) then the cost of the monthly bill would be less than $79. Compared to the average $105 PECO bill that’s an annual savings of more than $310!

Publish Date: 2011-01-10 15:24:20

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