Average Heating Bill in Pennsylvania

How much money have you set aside to pay your Pennsylvania heating bill this winter? Many Pennsylvania residents will struggle to pay their costs. In Philadelphia the average bill will total more than $1300 for the winter season. Costs may be higher for people living in other parts of the state and vary depending on the method used to heat the home.

Customers who may have the highest heating bills in Pennsylvania this year are customers who are using electricity to heat their homes. That is because a 24-year-old-rate cap on the price of electricity in this state is set to expire on January 1st. It is expected that electricity rates in PA may climb by nearly twenty percent after that happens. Considering the fact that the winter heating season runs through March in this season, this could mean several months of high bills. Pennsylvania residents are already paying higher than average electricity rates compared to the rest of the nation. Approximately sixteen percent of Philadelphia customers are currently heating their homes with electricity so this is definitely an issue of concern.

Customers who may suffer even more when it comes to their PA heating bills this year are those customers who are heating their homes with propane or heating oil. The average price of both of these heating options is expected to rise by more than ten percent as compared to last year. Approximately one in five Philadelphia residents will be affected by this and will see their heating bills rise accordingly this year.

The good news is in this state is that a large percentage of people are using natural gas to heat their homes here. This is the lowest cost option for heating a home. In Philadelphia, nearly sixty percent of residents are using this affordable option. In Erie County the number climbs to eighty percent. Prices on natural gas are expected to decline even further this year making this a highly affordable option.

Pennsylvania residents who don’t want to pay the high costs of the average state heating bill should take action now at the start of winter. Winterize your home to reduce the amount of heat required to heat the home. Lower your thermostat settings including your hot water temperature settings. And, if you use electricity for heat, switch to a lower cost electricity supplier to lower your average PA eelectric bill.

Publish Date: 2010-12-08 12:33:20

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