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Have you ever had the urge to take all of the cash out of your pocket, wallet, or billfold, and flush it down the drain? Figured not. No one likes to waste money.

Did you know, that you could be flushing hundreds of bucks "down the drain" by sticking with your local utility company, like PPL Electric Utilities, PECO, and Duquesne Light. PA residents can now take advantage of energy choice by comparing Pennsylvania electric suppliers then making the switch to possibly save money on their electric bills!

Pennsylvania was one of the first states to introduce electric deregulation giving residents utility choice. In a nutshell, deregulation increases competition in the utility industry, giving PA residents and business-owners the option to purchase energy from someone other than their local Pennsylvania utility company. As we all know, increased competition results in a lower PA electric rate and bill. Thanks to PA Energy Choice, Pennsylvania residents and business-owners can now switch to an independent Pennsylvania electric supplier and potentially save money off of the average Pennsylvania electric bill.

Rather than wasting your hard-earned money, save it by take a minute to compare PA electric rates and switch to a dependable, low-priced PA electric supplier today. It takes less than five minutes to sign up! Just like the choice to not flush cash down the drain, reducing your electric bill really is this simple. Learn more now about the PA Electric Choice and how to switch PA electric suppliers.