How Do Ohio Residents Switch Electric Suppliers?

How Do Ohio Residents Switch Electric Suppliers?

Though many Ohioans still receive electricity from a local utility company, such as Columbia Gas of Ohio or Duke Energy Ohio, not all OH residents purchase energy in this way. Due to electric deregulation, Ohioans can now purchase electricity through competitive, low-cost independent electric suppliers.

In today’s difficult economic times, it’s important to save money where you can. By switching to an affordable, independent electric supplier, Ohio residents can potentially reduce their electric bill. From Toledo, to Cleveland, to Cincinnati, to Akron, that could mean big savings on your home’s yearly electric bill. Ready to sign up now?

Electric Deregulation Explained

Electric service is divided into three sectors: generation, transmission, and distribution. Before electric deregulation, your local utility company provided all three services. Now, electric generation is a competitive business. This means that Ohioans can research, compare, and choose an independent electric supplier, just like you would choose your auto insurance carrier. You’re no longer stuck with the elevated price per kWh rate offered by your utility company. Now, you have a choice.

Electric deregulation ensures that the electricity industry is no longer a monopoly. This allows OH residents to switch their electric supplier to one offering a lower rate than their local utility company. Ohioans may also want to compare other factors, too, such as where and how the supplier generates electricity.

How to Switch Your OH Electric Supplier

Switching your Ohio electric supplier is as easy as 1-2-3. Once you have compared the rates and services offered by several independent OH electric suppliers, simply contact the supplier of your choice and request to be switched. To make the transfer even easier, most Ohio electric suppliers offer an online form that you can complete in less than 5 minutes. After which, there’s nothing left for you to do expect enjoy a lower Ohio electric bill! Your new electric supplier will contact your local utility company and inform them of your change in service. You will receive the lower electric rate in a few billing cycles.

Is It Free to Switch Electric Suppliers?

Yes, it’s free! There’s no charge to switch electric suppliers, unless you request an early meter reading. It’s usually a good idea to follow-up with your local utility company to ensure that they’re aware of the switch. Once your transfer is complete, you will continue to receive the same electric bill; however, the bill will reflect your new rate provided by the independent electric supplier.

Closely Read the Fine Print

When you switch your OH electricity to a new electric supplier, they’ll most likely ask you to sign a terms of service agreement. It’s important that you understand all aspects of this agreement. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact a customer service representative.

Before initiating a transfer, Ohio residents should make sure that their new electric supplier is approved by the OCC (Office of the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel). Consumers should also ask their new electric supplier the following questions:

Whether you own an Ohio home near Lake Erie, or operate a business in Columbus, it’s never been easier to switch your OH electric supplier and receive a lower electric bill. Start today and save on your electric bill! Contact an accredited independent Ohio electric supplier today!