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In the late ’90s, the New York state government passed a bill called electricity deregulation that permanently altered the face of the electric industry. Prior to electricity deregulation, consumers had just one option regarding who supplied and delivered electricity to their home: their local utility company. This often resulted in increased electric rates, because local utility companies had no competition. Following electricity deregulation, however, independent electric suppliers were given the chance to enter the industry to compete with local utility companies. The end result was a decrease in electric rates and monthly electric bills, as well as happier consumers.

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*Estimated Savings is calculated based on the utility price to compare and the rates offered by our suppliers. Refer to your bill and the suppliers website to calcuate your exact savings.

If Orange & Rockland Utilities currently supplies and delivers electricity to your NY home or business, it’s time for a change. By switching to a reputable, low-cost NY electric supplier, you may be able to reduce your monthly electric bill. After you switch to a low-cost supplier, Orange & Rockland will continue to deliver electricity to your home and respond to any service-related issues you may have. Your new electric supplier will simply provide you with a lower electric rate on your monthly bill. It’s that simple!

Orange & Rockland’s NY service area includes Sullivan, Orange, and Rockland counties, including the towns of Chester, Deerpark, Monroe, Warwick, Clarkstown, Haverstraw, Ramapo, and Mamakating. If you’re ready to receive a potentially cheaper electric bill but the same quality service you’re accustomed to, switch to a low-cost NY electric supplier today!