Verde Energy USA | New Jersey Electric Supplier

Verde Energy USA | New Jersey Electric Provider

Home- and business-owners in New Jersey may be able to save hundreds of dollars each year on their electric bills. Thanks to electricity deregulation, NJ consumers have the option to switch their electric service to a low-cost, independent provider such as Verde Energy USA.

Verde Energy USAVerde Energy USA's Electric Rate:
¢ per kWh
Special Offer: $50 Cash Back

Verde Energy USA currently serves thousands of savvy residents and businesses in NJ, helping them to potentially reduce their monthly electric bills . In addition to a reduced electric rate, Verde Energy USA offers more choice in terms of billing plans and clean energy options. By switching electric service to Verde Energy USA, customers can also help the environment.

Verde Energy USA offers low-cost electricity to all PSE&G, JCP&L and Atlantic City Electric customers.

Take advantage of our low-cost NJ electric rates and become the newest member of Verde Energy USA’s rapidly expanding community. Don’t wait -- sign up today to receive a $50 cash-back rebate!