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If you currently live in South Jersey or parts of the Jersey shore, you can now switch your electric service to a low-cost supplier and potentially save money each year on your electric bill. How? Two words: electricity deregulation.

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*Estimated Savings is calculated based on the utility price to compare and the rates offered by our suppliers. Refer to your bill and the suppliers website to calcuate your exact savings.

Electricity deregulation increases competition in the utility industry by allowing consumers like you to choose a more affordable, independent supplier. New Jersey residents and business-owners are no longer forced to pay the steep rates of their local utility company; now, they can switch their electric service to a reliable supplier offering lower rates, flexible billing plans, and eco-friendlier energy options. Simply put, electricity deregulation has resulted in lower electric rates, increased consumer choice, and more satisfied customers state-wide.

Current Atlantic City Electric customers living in such NJ counties as Salem, Cumberland, Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Ocean, Gloucester, and Cape May can take advantage of electricity deregulation and switch to a low-cost NJ electric supplier in just five minutes. The transition is seamless: there’s no fee or penalty to switch, no disruption of service during the transfer, and you’ll continue to receive just one electric bill (only this one will reflect the new electric rate of your new supplier). What’s more, Atlantic City Electric will continue to deliver electricity to your home or business and respond quickly to any power outages or other issues you may have.

So whether you live in Glassboro, Ocean City, Bridgeton, or Salem, reduce your monthly electric bill by switching to a low-cost NJ supplier. Make the switch today at LowerElectricBillToday.