Average Heating Bill in New Jersey

Winter heating bills in New Jersey vary widely with most residents paying somewhere between $200 and $400 per month to heat their homes here each winter. Factors that affect the total cost of heat include the exact location of the home, the home’s size and the method used to heat the home. Luckily some of the winter heating options for this state do have the potential to offer lower prices this year as compared to last year.

One major way of heating homes in New Jersey is to use natural gas. This is widely considered the most affordable way to heat a home. The price of natural gas is expected to hold steady or decline slightly after a big drop in cost last year. New Jersey residents who heat their homes using this option may spend as much as one third less than customers who heat their homes using other methods.

Despite that, many New Jersey residents do use electricity to heat their homes in the winter. It is important for these residents to know that the average electricity rates in New Jersey are considerably higher than the nationwide averages. Winter is colder here than in many states and both factors can drive up winter heating costs considerably. Electricity customers should take care to shop around to find the lowest rates on electricity to keep their heating bills low this winter.

Some New Jersey residents do continue to heat their homes with propane or heating oil. Neither of these options are considered optimal in terms of cost. Both options are expected to see a spike in rates for the Winter 2010 / 2011 year. This translates to higher average heating bills for NJ customers who do use these options.

All New Jersey customers can take actions that will help them lower their heating bills this winter. The best thing to do is to winterize the home immediately to start saving costs as temperatures begin to drop. Weather stripping around doors and windows, switching from a whole-house heating system to a by-room heating system and adding proper insulation to the home are top things residents can do now to reduce their average NJ heating bill. Also note that this state offers heating bill payment assistance to residents in need.

Publish Date: 2011-01-12 11:07:57

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