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In the late 1990s, the Massachusetts state legislature passed a bill that would increase competition in the electric utility industry and, in doing so, lower electric rates statewide. The initiative, called electricity deregulation, was successful and now Massachusetts electric rates are lower than ever before. But to receive these lower electric rates, MA residents must first transfer their service to a low-cost, independent electric supplier. Fortunately, transferring electric service is fast and easy at

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*Estimated Savings is calculated based on the utility price to compare and the rates offered by our suppliers. Refer to your bill and the suppliers website to calcuate your exact savings.

National Grid Massachusetts is the largest electric utility company in MA, serving over one million customers in nearly 170 towns. Thanks to electricity deregulation, all current National Grid Massachusetts customers can reduce their monthly electric bill by switching to a low-cost MA electric supplier. After customers switch to the more affordable supplier, National Grid Massachusetts will continue to deliver electricity to their home or business. They’ll still use the same power lines and poles and receive just one electric bill -- only this bill will reflect the lower electric rates of their new supplier. It’s that simple!

If you’re a current National Grid Massachusetts customer frustrated with rising electric rates, it takes just five minutes to switch your service to a low-cost MA supplier. In doing so, you can potentially reduce your electric bill.

Whether you live in Oxford, Avon, Fall River, Worcester, Newbury, Quincy, or Brockton, you can trust LowerElectricBillToday to guide your search for cheaper electricity. Make the switch from National Grid Massachusetts to a low-cost MA electric supplier today!