Average MD PEPCO Bill

Maryland energy customers frequently rely on a big power company called PEPCO for their service. Customers in the area who have made the decision to switch away from this company cite numerous reasons for doing so. Among those reasons is the fact that the average MD PEPCO bill costs more than residents want to pay for electricity today.

There are several factors that affect the amount of money that you pay for your electricity. One factor is the type of service that you get. Another factor is the amount of electricity that you use in your home each month. And yet another factor is the rate that you pay per kilowatt-hour for your electricity. It is this latter factor that is a big issue for PEPCO customers.

The average Maryland PEPCO customer that chooses a standard electricity service and uses 1,000 kilowatt-hours per month of energy in the home is currently paying $151.78 on average for their monthly electricity bill. That rate may climb to an average of $155.54 per month if a requested rate hike from the company is approved. This is higher than the average monthly electric bill for customers in many other regions of the nation.

A look at the PEPCO website reveals that the current average rate for residential electricity is more than eleven cents per kilowatt-hour. There are other electricity suppliers operating in the same service area which are providing electricity for as low as $0.0959 per kilowatt-hour. Just by switching to one of these lower cost electricity providers, MD PEPCO customers could save approximately $12 per month. That’s a savings of well over $140 per year that customers can put towards other home costs. The savings for customers of other utility companies will be even greater if the PEPCO rate hike is approved.

The high bills are just one reason that MD PEPCO customers are switching away from the company, though. The company is notorious for bad service, frequent power outages and many other problems. Customers don’t want to pay high average monthly electricity bills when they can switch to a low-cost electric provider and receive a lower PEPCO electric bill.

Publish Date: 2011-01-10 20:09:34

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