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Are you looking for a fast, simple way to reduce your monthly expenses and keep more of your money in your pocket? If so, look no further! We can help you possibly lower your Maryland electric bill and have more money to spend on fun activities with family and friends. What’s more, this potential monthly savings can be yours for less than 5 minutes of effort. Sound too good to be true? Keep reading to learn even more good news.

Until recently, Maryland consumers were stuck with only one option regarding their electric service: a local utility company like Baltimore Gas and Electric and PEPCO. This resulted in ever-increasing electric rates and disgruntled customers. Now, thanks to electricity deregulation, home and business-owners throughout Maryland can switch their electric service from an (often overpriced) local utility company to a low-cost, independent Maryland electric supplier. Maryland’s independent electric suppliers are known for offering lower MD electric rates, eco-friendly energy options, and flexible billing plans. If you don’t believe us can review the Maryland DPUC site.

Transferring your electric bill to a low-cost supplier is fast, easy, and free. If you are unsatisfied at any time (and we highly doubt you will be), you can switch back to your local utility company.

Now back to what you really want to hear about: savings. Switching to an independent MD electric supplier can potentially save Maryland residents and MD business-owners money on their electric bills. If you’re ready to transform your typical monthly electric bill into something less, in five quick minutes you can switch to a low-cost Maryland electric supplier today!