Energy Saving Home Insulation

Simple, inexpensive ways to properly insulate your home

A poorly insulated home wastes more electricity and money than you could imagine. An attic with insufficient insulation, for example, could waste over 35% of a home’s cool air during the summer. In the wintertime, a comparable amount of warm air can easily leak out of cracks along doors, window frames, and even the ceiling.

Read below to learn simple, inexpensive ways to ensure that your home is properly insulated. Taking these necessary steps can lower your electric bill and save you money year-round.


In 2010, there are ways to save even more money! Most energy-efficient home repairs or additions are eligible for a 30% government tax credit.

Tell me more about R-Value. Also, what is Spray Foam Insulation?

*Go Green* Tip!

Research shows that a home with cellulose insulation uses
20% less energy to heat than one with fiberglass insulation.
Plus, cellulose insulation is cheaper, made from recycled
materials, and poses less of a fire hazard.

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