Electric Saving Tips, Energy Saving & Electric Conservation Learning Center

Electric Terms

We’ve all heard of such electric terms like watt, volt, kilowatt and amp, but what does all of this really mean and can it help you save money?

Electric Deregulation

Isn’t it nice to have the option to "shop around" for the cheapest car insurance rate, the lowest loan interest rate, and the health insurance policy offering the most coverage? Now you have the same option with electric!

Energy Efficient

Replacing older, energy-depleting appliances with eco-friendly, efficient appliances is a great way to save energy and reduce your electric bill.

Energy Saving
Air Conditioning

The #1 way to lower your electric bill is to reduce home cooling costs. Air conditioning zaps electricity, plain and simple! 20% of the average United States homeowner’s electric bill is for air conditioning.

Energy Saving
Home Insulation

A poorly insulated home wastes more electricity and money than you could imagine. An attic with insufficient insulation, for example, could waste over 35% of a home’s cool air during the summer.

Energy Efficient
Lighting / Bulbs

Did you know that lighting accounts for around 10% of your monthly electric bill? Luckily, it’s easy to save money on lighting your home with our energy efficient lighting tips.

Window and Door
Energy Tips

Energy efficient windows and doors can help lower your electric bill by up to 30% alone. Take advantage of our window and door energy saving tips in the learning center.

Home Heating

Did you know that the average U.S. household spends over $2,000 a year Home Heating on electric bills, and almost 45% of it usually goes towards heating and cooling the home?