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Electricity Deregulation Revolutionizing
The Way We Think About Energy

Have you ever asked yourself "How can I lower my electric bill?". By choosing a low-cost electric provider and practicing better energy conservation, we can all receive a lower electric bill.

Looking to cut your electric bill, while still living comfortably in your home? There are two simple ways to save money on your electric bill:

1. Use Less Electric with our Electric Saving Tips

When we say "use less electric," we don't mean reading by candlelight or turning off the A/C and sweating all summer. We mean replacing traditional, old school electricity methods with eco-friendly, energy saving tips. Now you can learn how you can use less electric, lower your electric bill, and reduce your carbon footprint - all at the same time. We show you ways to lower your electric bill that are both practical and effective.

2. Pay Less for Electric by Switching your electric supplier

Not only should you use less electric, but in some states you can switch electric suppliers and pay less for the electric you do use. We advocate using green energy as much as possible, but you can't be all green, all the time. You're still going to use some energy, and it's time to pay less for what you use. We can help!

In order to increase competition and lower home and business electric bills nationwide, the U.S. government opted to deregulate the electric utility industry and allow independent energy suppliers to provide consumers with the same energy at a lower, more affordable rate.

In a nutshell, electricity deregulation separates the energy deliverer (your utility company) from the supplier. This gives consumers (you) more choice, in that you can finally choose an electric provider offering a better price that you are getting now.

Through deregulation, we are able to provide consumers information about low-cost alternatives to their utility company. Consumers now have a choice whether they want to save money on their utility bill and just how much as well.

There's no catch, no strings attached, no gimmicks.

In most cases you'll still receive the same utility bill, have the same electric lines, and work with the same utility company. The only difference is that, by switching to one of our lost cost electric suppliers, you'll pay less each month for your electric bill. And that's something we can all get energized about.